We believe and hope that you will enjoy your stay at Camp Flakksvann, whether you want to have an active time or want just to relax, enjoy nature and each other.


Meet Grete and Jon


 – We are a couple who eventually wanted to spend our time on something completely different than we have done so far in working life. With creative joy, enthusiasm and energy interspersed with a portion of madness, we have built up an outdoor camp on our small farm. We are very happy to create, both with our own hands and with the help of skilled, local craftsmen. We are committed to making it beautiful around us, and greatly appreciate all the beauty of nature.

Values ​​such as re-use and the use of resources in the local community are important to us.


The story

How did Camp Flakksvann come to be?

We have inherited the small farm here on Flakk, which Grete’s great-great-grandfather built up in the 1860’s. Here, Grete’s father built Flåderhytta in 2002, a log cabin with an associated wooden lavvu, as a memory of the timber floating in the area in earlier times. Flåderhytta is both a function room and a small «museum», with pictures and objects from the timber floating. – With Flåderhytta as a starting point, the ideas spanned further for how we could let more people enjoy this fantastic place. We have taken some of the inspiration from our many travels in southern Africa, where we have spent several nights both in the roof top tent of the car and in safari tents. It is magical to wake up to all the sounds of nature!

We warmly welcome you to the result: Camp Flakksvann!