How about a paddle trip along the banks of lake Flakksvann? Here you can see remnants of the old boom mounts from the timber floating, and nature comes close.


Activities and experiences


The area around Camp Flakksvann offers countless opportunities for activities and excursions, more than we can mention! Here you can paddle, swim, fish, go hiking or visit local food producers. The coastal towns of Kristiansand, Lillesand, Grimstad and Arendal are like pearls on a string, all within a driving distance of 40 minutes. Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park (Dyreparken) is half an hour drive away.

Brekkekjearhaven kulturkafe


It's lovely to swim in fresh water!

Have you ever experienced how delicious it is to swim in fresh water? We think it’s a very special feeling, and it’s great to not worry about jellyfish! We have also experienced that it is often warmer to swim up here in lake Flakksvann than by the coast.
A little stroll down to the lake, and you are at the bathing spot. There is a large and deep natural swimming pool, and rocks where you can enjoy the sun after your bath. This was the place where the women in the area came to do the laundry in the old days….



Paddle short or long

We have canoes and paddle lifejackets for loan, included in the rent. How about a paddle trip along the banks of lake Flakksvann? Here you can see remnants of the old boom mounts from the timber floating, and nature comes close. If you want a bigger challenge, you can paddle further down the Tovdal river from lake Flakksvann to Drangsholt. There is beautiful, varied nature, small rapids, and beaches where you can go ashore and enjoy a packed lunch.


Wood-fired hot tub

Relaxing by the riverbank

When evening comes, it’s nice to sit in the hot tub and enjoy the scenic view of lake Flakksvann! The hot tub is wood-fired, and it takes a few hours to heat it up. We will do this for you during the afternoon, while you can do something else.



Bring a fishing rod!

In the period 1st of June to 30th of August it is possible to fish salmon and sea trout in the Tovdal river. Fishing luck depends on the water level in the river, and here at Camp Flakksvann in zone 4, August is the safest time to get a catch. We have a fishing right that belongs to the small farm, but a fishing fee must be paid to the government. See more about fishing in Tovdal river here.


Hiking in the local area

The troll in the waterfall, art in the trees and the beaver in the pond

There are great hiking opportunities in the area, with good and marked trails. The trails have different levels of difficulty; some up in the moors and hills, and some along the Tovdal river. There are small, open log cabins, “gapahuker”, along some of the trails, with the opportunity to make campfires at dedicated spots. Notice that there are restrictions to making bondfires during the summer season.
At some of the “gapahuker” there are suggested activities for children. In some of the trails you will also find unexpected sculptures and wood carvings, made by a local artist!

Birkenes municipality has made good maps of the various hiking areas, and we have downloaded and laminated these, so that you can bring them with you on your hike.

A few minutes’ walk up the hill from Camp Flakksvann brings you up to the waterfall Flakkefossen, which is spectacular in all seasons. Maybe you can spot the little troll out in the waterfall? -Right above the waterfall is Flakke loner as a beautiful contrast to the rushing waterfall. Here you will find calm water, and if you are very lucky, you can see beavers swimming.

Barnebok gapahuk

At Camp Flakksvann you can choose an active stay or just relax and enjoy nature and each other.

At the camp you will also find a Jon Boat, a flat-bottomed rowing boat. This is a replica of the type of rowing boat used by the log drivers. Guests are welcome to use the boat for rowing at lake Flakksvann. 


Local cultural history

Follow the path of the timber

The very first industrial community in Birkenes was established here in the small Flakk neighborhood. Several sawmills were built due to the rich supply of timber in the area. By walking along the river Digeelva down from Flakke loner, via the waterfall Flakkefossen and the remains of Flakk sawmill, you can follow the timber’s path almost down to lake Flakksvann. Back at Camp Flakksvann you will find more information in Flåderhytta about the timber floating. We are happy to accompany and guide you on the trip if you wish!

Mot Flakksvann


A short drive away

How about an excursion to one of the coastal towns or to Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park (Dyreparken)? -We highly recommend a trip to the idyllic port Brekkestø on Justøya by Lillesand, with Norway’s largest ice cream cone in the kiosk, Bryggerhuset with sales of local handicrafts, cozy Brekkekjærhaven Kulturkafe, lovely Brekkestø Garden that produces and sells organic vegetables, Veslekollen lavender that produces flowers and arranges courses in binding wreaths, and Othilie’s ceramics selling ceramics and arranging courses in the barn.

Gatebilde Lillesand
The port of Brekkestø and cozy streets in Lillesand.
Othilies keramikk
Gårdsbutikk Slettene Hage
Slettene Hage’s self-service farm shop.

We are working on establishing a collaboration with the local food producers. Maybe there will be a food course based on local food products at Camp Flakksvann eventually?


Local food

Award-winning cheeses and farm shops

In Birkenes we are lucky to have several producers of local food. Different farms produce jams, apple juice, eggs, cheese that has won a gold medal in the Norwegian Championship – most recently in 2021 – and meat from highland cattle. We want to sell some of the local products at Camp Flakksvann to make them easily accessible to our guests, but it is also possible to visit some of the producers. Both Slettene Hage, Tjamsland Ysteri and Røyland gård have a café and farm shop, where you can get a wide selection of the companies’ products.