Welcome to Camp Flakksvann!

You will be greeted by us as hosts at the agreed time of arrival. If you come by public transport, we can pick you up by appointment.

You can drive all the way, and there is a parking lot for three to five cars – one reserved for each lavvu.

  • What you need of food and drink unless otherwise agreed in advance
  • Good hiking clothes, hiking shoes and backpack
  • Rainwear and boots
  • Swimwear and bath towel
  • Slippers for walking between lavvu, service building and hot tub
  • Slippers or thick socks for use inside the lavvu
  • Preferably lifejackets for children in the right weight class if you want to use a canoe
  • Fishing rod
  • Charcoal and lighter fluid (also available to buy at the camp)
Fløteren, en kjempestor treskulptur som støtter seg til fløterhaken sin på Camp Flakksvann
The first to welcome you to Camp Flakksvann is “The log driver” himself: a huge wooden sculpture with his pike pole.