Wake up in a luxurious lavvu to the sound of singing birds and waterfalls


Welcome to Camp Flakksvann


Do you want a different holiday experience? With us you can experience living in a luxurious lavvu with a double bed and hotel room standard, in scenic surroundings. The rivers Tovdalselva and Digeelva, with beautiful waterfalls and rapids and with the opportunity for salmon fishing, surround the camp and meet in lake Flakksvann. Camp Flakksvann is both sheltered and at the same time centrally located by the town of Birkeland.

Camp Flakksvann is especially suitable for couples who want a few days of peace and quiet or a group of friends of up to six people. The camp is also well suited for families with children, who then have to rent the whole place. Maybe something for the extended family or for several pairs of friends with children?

Ungdom som padler i kano på Flakksvann

Do you want a special environment for arranging birthdays, family reunions, friends’ parties, company events or the like? We can offer a unique event venue in our log cabin, Flåderhytta, where you can sit at a solid long table and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace, surrounded by the history of the timber floating in the area in earlier times.

Here you can actively enjoy nature on beautiful hiking trails in Flakkeheia, or on a paddle trip on lake Flakksvann and in Tovdalselva. If you prefer peace and quiet, you can enjoy fantastic views of lake Flakksvann from the wood-fired hot tub, or from your own terrace by the lavvu.

Lavvo med hotellstandard på Camp Flakksvann
Lavvo med hotellstandard på Camp Flakksvann